GoToMeeting is the extremely simple, extraordinarily powerful way to hold unlimited online meetings with up to 25 attendees. Start a meeting and share your screen with just a click.

Download GoToMeeting

Note: Download window might launch behind your browser window.

Starting a Meeting

  • 1Find the GoToMeeting icon.

    It should be on your desktop and your system tray.
  • 2Start your first meeting.

    Either double-click the GoToMeeting desktop shortcut and select Meet Now or right click the GoToMeeting daisy icon in the system tray and select Meet Now.
Practice Now
We recommend that you go ahead and start your own meeting and follow along. It’s the best way to learn! Don’t worry, you won’t be inviting attendees just yet.

Presenting Your Screen

  • 1Show your screen.

    Click the Show My Screen button to show your screen to attendees.
  • 2Pass control.

    Click Give Keyboard & Mouse and select a name from the menu to allow an attendee to control your computer.
  • 3Change presenters.

    Click Change Presenter and select a name from the menu to allow an attendee to present from their computer.

Using Audio

  • 1Call or conference in.

    You have two audio options:
    Select Telephone and call in the meeting, or select Mic & Speakers to conference in using your computer’s built-in audio.
  • 2Mute yourself.

    Click the GoToMeeting Mute Button button to mute your line.
    Click again to unmute.

Green GoToMeeting Mute Button means you’re ON, gray GoToMeeting Unmute Button means you’re OFF.

Complete audio details are available on our
Global Customer Support site.

Using Video

  • 1Turn your webcam on.

    Click the Share My Webcam button to show your webcam feed to attendees. Click it again to turn it off.
  • 2Video makes meetings better.

    People communicate much better when they talk face to face. HD video is included free with your GoToMeeting subscription.
For audio and video: Green means you’re ON, and grey means you’re OFF.

Managing Attendees

  • 1Invite people.

    Click the Invite Others button. Then email, instant message or call your attendee(s) with the info.
  • 2Mute & unmute attendees.

    Mute all attendees by clicking the GoToMeeting Mute-Unmute Button icon. To mute individual attendees, click the phone or mic icon in front of their name and select Mute.
  • 3Chat with attendees.

    Type in the message window to send text chats to attendees. To send an individual chat, first click the dropdown menu and select a name.
Practice Now

Invite a colleague to practice what you’ve learned.

Scheduling Meetings

  • 1Schedule a one-time meeting.

    Right-click the GoToMeeting daisy icon and select Schedule Meeting.
  • 2Schedule a recurring meeting.

    For regularly scheduled meetings, save time by using a recurring meeting. Simply check the box and use the same link each time you meet!
  • 3Start a scheduled meeting.

    Right-click the GoToMeeting daisy icon and select My Meetings. Select the meeting you want to launch, then click Start.

Sharing Your Screen

  • 1Prepare your screen.

    When you click Show My Screen, attendees can see everything on your desktop. Make sure to close down anything you’re not using – especially potentially embarrassing instant messaging apps and desktop notifications.
  • 2Record the meeting.

    Click Settings to specify file formats and define where you’d like to save your recording. When you’re ready, press the Start Recording button to record your screen and meeting audio. Recording is not available in GoToMeeting Essentials.
Learn more about recording in GoToMeeting with this Recording Basics Video.

Using Audio

  • 1Telephone or Mic & Speakers.

    Some attendees will want to call in. Some will want to use their computer’s built-in audio. You can accommodate both.
  • 2Use the Audio PIN when calling.

    The Audio PIN allows GoToMeeting to identify speakers who are calling in from a phone. This allows you to see who is speaking and mute/unmute attendees.
Integrated audio allows attendees to choose the audio option they prefer – at no extra cost to you. When scheduling a meeting, provide both options for maximum flexibility.

Working face to face in HD video

  • 1Test your webcam.

    Go to the Preferences window and click Webcam to preview your webcam feed before sharing with attendees.
  • 2Position the video window.

    We recommend moving the video conferencing window as close as possible to your webcam – it feels more like eye-to-eye contact.
  • 3Pause your webcam.

    Need a moment of privacy? Click the GoToMeeting Pause button button in the top-right of your webcam feed to pause your video stream.

Inviting Attendees

  • 1Invite attendees to a scheduled meeting.

    Open GoToMeeting and select My Meetings. Select the meeting you want to invite people to, then click Invite.
  • 2Invite attendees during the meeting.

    Click the Invite Others button. Send the meeting link to attendees via email, instant message or over the phone.
Attendees can also join from their iPad, iPhone or Andriod device. Download the GoToMeeting app from the App Store or Google Play.

Host Your First Meeting

  • 1You’re ready to go.

    You now know everything you need to run a productive GoToMeeting session. Say goodbye to the conference call and hello to GoToMeeting!
  • 2Checklist

    Even if you forget everything else, remember this: GoToMeeting daisy Open GoToMeeting, click Meet Now and then Invite Others.
Practice Now

Have you hosted a meeting with other people yet? If not, get started or practice with a friend!

Practice Now

Need a little extra help?

That’s what we’re here for. Visit our 24x7 Global Customer Support to get answers immediately online or from our team standing by via phone, chat or email.

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